NJIT's Arrutia Lands Internship at European Council for Nuclear Research

LakePoint, Ga. - Pablo Arrutia, a senior on the NJIT men's tennis team, landed a prestigious internship and will spend the summer at CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) working on a research project in physics as part of the Summer Student Program in Geneva, Switzerland.

"My congratulations to Pablo," Professor Gordon Thomas of Physics at NJIT added. "CERN is one of the most important research centers in the world.  Working on a research project there is impressive for the student, for our athletics program and for NJIT."

Arrutia, who started his internship on June 4, is working on a project called accelerator physics. Accelerator Physics is the area of physics that studies the trajectories of particles inside a particle accelerator. An accelerator must have a dump system installed, which is a system that allows you to get rid of the particles inside of it. This might be desirable if there is some risk of their trajectories becoming unstable, if there is an excess of particles or if the experiment has to be stopped for any other reason.

CERN is constantly trying to upgrade its accelerators too reach higher energies in their experiments, which calls for more sophisticated dump systems. Arrutia's project consists on performing simulations to try to figure out what the appropriate upgrades should be in the dump system of the Proton Synchrotron (one of the accelerators in CERN).

"This internship has given me the opportunity to work in a world leading research center, where I have met extremely talented people that have helped me develop news skills that will be valuable in the future," Arrutia commented.

When asked why he chose to major in Physics, he replied: "I like Physics because the theoretical concepts and tools developed in the different courses can be put into practice through lab experiments and observations. I have always been very curious about nature and how the universe works. Physics provides the necessary tools to understand the world around me a bit better."

CERN has broadened his perspective on what the frontiers of science are and has learned what tools and skillsets are required to try to solve the complicated problems that arise in the field of physics.

As a Division I athlete on the men's tennis team, Arrutia was asked to explain how he handles early morning practices, busy travel schedule and academics. 

"I think it is really important to rely on the people around you and to make the most of the resources that you have available," Arrutia added. "I have come to realize that at NJIT you are surrounded by amazing teammates, classmates, professors and members of the Athletics Staff who are always willing to help you. For me, this support is the biggest key to handling a 'student athlete life' in a healthy way."

"NJIT is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds," he said. "Being exposed to this diversity has really changed the way in which I interact with others, tackle problems and even evaluate my actions. I think I now have a more complete picture of what goes on around me."

About CERN
CERN is one of the world's most prestigious physics research centers in the world. Every year over one billion dollars in funding go to CERN for research and in 2013 the Higgs bosson was discovered there, a particle fundamental for the understanding of the creation of the universe. The person who postulated its existence (Dr. Higgs) received the Nobel prize after that.


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